Sound Travel is now available in the App Store!


My follow-up app Sleep Bug: Sound Travel has been released in the App Store.
Take your dream vacation without leaving the comfort of your bed with Sound Travel! Access a collection of exotic and exciting audio destinations in one user friendly sleep aid app. Each features elements of the flavor, culture and wildlife found in the region listed. Lull your mind with the spicy samba rhythms of Brazil or dream of basking on a beach in Greece while resting by the pool in your back yard! From the Australian Outback to luxurious France and a seaside Spanish village, Sound Travel will take you across the globe and into sweet dreams!
Download it from the App Store and try it out today!

Welcome to our new webpage


Welcome to our newly redesigned webpage.

The new web site is mobile friendly and the design is changed to give it a more modern and clean look.

Landing page before and after has been acquired


Back in 2011 when I started developing Sleep Bug the domain was unavailable. Actually it was registered in May 2010, so I was one year too late. Since the .net domain was available we registered this and have used it since then.

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