Problems with Sleep Bug Pro update (Windows Phone)


Yesterday Sleep Bug Pro version 1.9.1 was released. This version was corrupted and I have received reports of people who were not able to download and update the app. This issue should now be fixed. If you still see version 1.9.1 in the Marketplace please wait a few hours and Sleep Bug Pro version 2.0.0 will be available.

New version of Sleep Bug / Sleep Bug Pro


New versions of Sleep Bug and Sleep Bug Pro has been submitted to the Windows Marketplace and App Store. They will be available in the next couple of days. The new scenes that has been added are Lullaby, Clock and Zen. A new Zen scene without the people voices has been the most requested change when it comes to sounds.

Sleep Bug reached 250.000 downloads


Today Sleep Bug finally reached 250.000 downloads. In the last month Sleep Bug has been downloaded more than 1500 times every day.

Sleep Bug now with background support on iOS


Finally I have implemented background support for Sleep Bug on iOS. You can now relax while using other apps! A new play icon (marked with green) allows you to easily enable or disable the sounds. This is a feature requested by many users :)

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Applying for a ITIN number (needed for non US developers)


If you have a paid app in the Marketplace or if you are using pubCenter you need a ITIN number (if you apply as a person and not a company. Here is the list you need to follow to obtain the ITIN number.

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Filling out Microsoft Advertising pubCenter tax form for non US citizens


Before pubCenter was available to Norwegian developers I created an US pubCenter account. I had about 1000 dollar so I passed the 50 dollar requirement for fund transfer to my new Norwegian pubCenter account.
It took quite some time before I realized the transfer was done due to nobody at Microsoft telling me that the transfer only was visible under Accounts->Adjustments. When I found this out the process with filling out the tax forms started. This was easier said than done :) It took me two months to figure out how this was done. Luckily I had a ITIN number from when I filled out the W-8BEN in Windows Marketplace.

If you are wondering on how the online tax form in pubCenter should be filled out the link below explains how you fill out the online W-8BEN tax form.

Filling out the online W-8BEN tax form

I asked Microsoft support weather you needed an ITIN number to complete the online tax form. According to the person I talked to this was needed to get the tax form approved. You can also see in question 12 that the ITIN number is requested. If you do not have a SSN, ITIN or EIN you need to apply for one.

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Low eCPM in Microsoft Advertising pubCenter for non US developers?


Sleep Bug was released on Windows Phone Marketplace in March 2011. It was released as a free app with advertisement (Microsoft Advertising pubCenter). Initially pubCenter was not available to Norwegian developers, but as many others I created an account and started getting impressions. Although eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions) where not even close to when pubCenter was released I reached eCPM of 3-6 dollars on good days

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